Afco Wall Guards

Wall Guards

BLACKFOOT®  Kick Plate  (WG-2183)
The Blackfoot Indians of Saskatchewan were magnificent horsemen. The Blackfoot® Kick-plates are made to protect the bottom of doors against kick marks. The reflective Brass or the sheen of the Stainless Steel make a decorative trim on any busy door.

 Brass, Stainless Steel.
Finish: Satin or Polished.
Thickness: 18 gauge.
Sizes/Weights: 8″ x 34″ (4 lbs./each) or 12″ x 44″ (8 lbs./each), custom sizes upon request.

Countersink screws or adhesives (by others)

CAPRICORN® Door Knob Protector  (EW-2640)

GEMINI®  Door Edge Protector  (CG-2140)
GEMINI®  Door Frame Protector  (CG-2140A)

Gemini in astrological terms means twins or two. The Gemini® Door Edge protects both door frame and edges from damage caused by equipment, furniture, vehicles, etc. The door frame protectors are supplied as one unit.

Door Frame
Depth: 3.5" maximum
Width: 11" maximum

Lengths: Door Edge: 7 ft.; Door Frame: Custom cuts.
Sizes: 1-3/8″ x 1″,  1-3/4″ x 1″
           See drawings for Door Frame units vary-custom made to order.
Colors: Listed on Universal Guard System Colors page.

Flame Resistance:
 Flame Spread 15 (ASTM E-84-8)
Smoke Developed: under 450
Impact Resistance: 25.4 lbs./sq. in. (Notched IZOD ASTM 256-78)

Door Edge:
 Drill and countersink for mechanical fasteners or apply with adhesive.
Door Frame: Affix with adhesive (by others). Custom one-piece units.

METEORITE®  PVC Kick Plate  (EW-2630)
Colorful acrylic PVC sheets ideal for kick plates to prevent damage to doors.

Thickness: 0.040″, 0.060″
Sizes: 12″x32″,  12″x48″,  24″x32″,  24″x48″,  48″x32″,  48″x48″
Colors: Listed on Universal Guard System Colors page.

Kick Plates will be UNDRILLED unless specified.

MOHAWK®  Metal Push Plate  (WG-2184)
The Mohawk Indians fought with early European settlers in eastern New York state. Mohawk® Metal Push-plates keep finger marks off of doors and provide an attractive trim.

 Brass, Stainless Steel.
Finish: Satin.
Thickness: 18 gauge.
Weight: 1 lb. each.
Sizes: 3″x12″,  3.5″x15″,  3.5″x16″,   4″x16″, custom sizes also available.

Countersink screws or adhesives (by others).

ODYSSEY®  PVC Push Plate  (EW-2610)
Made to match the METEORITE®

 Rigid vinyl.
Thickness: 0.060″
Sizes/Packages: 4″ x 12″ (48 pieces),  8″ x 12″ (24 pieces)
Colors: Listed on Universal Guard System Colors page.