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Aria - Solid Plastic
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Eclipse - Solid Plastic
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Hiney Hiders - Solid Plastic
Scranton Products
Aria - Solid Plastic
Scranton Products
Eclipse - Solid Plastic
Scranton Products
Hiney Hiders - Solid Plastic

Styles and Configurations


This economical and sturdy mounting style installs just about anywhere. An anodized aluminum anti-grip head rail secures partitions firmly to the walls.


This mounting style is extremely stable and durable as pilasters are anchored into both the concrete floor and the structural ceiling support.


Simplified construction permits ease of installation anywhere. For concrete floors only: 2" minimum penetration into floor required.


When used together with wall-hung fixtures, the entire floor is accessible for efficient cleaning. Structural steel ceiling supports are necessary to assure proper installation.

Aria Solid Plastic


Expect More


When you walk into a room designed with Aria Partitions you will understand what has been missing.  The days of large sight lines, boring flat doors and panels and large gaps are gone.  Designers no longer need to work with antiquated systems seen in standard commercial bathrooms.

It’s time to expect more.  Aria Partitions provide extreme privacy, many design choices and innovative features that will significantly upgrade the look of your room and add a whole new level of privacy.

With millions of design combinations, your design experience will be anything but boring.

  • Ultimate Privacy
  • Customizable
  • Cleaner, Healthier Restrooms
  • Durable HDPE Material
  • Limitless Design Options


Expect More Design Options


The many advanced features of Aria Partitions will allow you to enhance the overall experience of its patrons with its striking aesthetics.  At the most basic level, bathroom partitions provide privacy.  Aria Partitions will provide you with innovative designs like overlapping edges, continuous edge mounted hinges and floor mounted side panels resulting in a high privacy design.

Aria Partitions shoeless system gives you enhanced aesthetics, clean lines and ease of maintenance due to fewer cracks and crevices for dirt to collect.

Because the system is made of HDPE, it is impermeable to moisture, low-maintenance and helps to minimize bacteria growth.

Expect More Experience


Aria Partitions offer innovative features making the system easier to install with fewer structural restrictions. The system is floor supported, meaning it does not need to tie into the ceiling for floor to ceiling configurations. This creates tremendous design flexibility and ease of installation.

Other innovative solutions include a shoeless pilaster design which creates a cleaner aesthetic while eliminating a spot notorious for dirt collection. A side mounted hinge design eliminates the hinge sitting on the outside of outswing doors, which is typical in the commercial bathroom stall industry. Lastly, an engraved door and modular side panel configuration allows you to create a one of a kind bathroom.

Eclipse Solid Plastic

Eclipse Partitions® are the future of restroom partitions that offer both innovative design aesthetics and durable performance. The clean lines of this system provide a contemporary look to any bathroom décor. The minimum sight design delivers superior privacy above traditional partitions.

Privacy By Design


Combining innovative aesthetics with durable performance, Eclipse Partitions’ minimum sight design offers enhanced privacy. The contemporary look and extensive color and texture collections are sure to enhance your facility décor.

  • Enhanced Privacy
  • Sleek & Sophisticated Design
  • Hidden Hardware for Clean Aesthetics
  • Durable HDPE Material
  • 27 Color & Texture Options

Eclipse Partitions come in a variety of height options for you to choose the level of privacy you need, including the 55-inch Standard, the 62-inch High, and the 72-inch Extra High.

Design Features

Eclipse Partitions come in a variety of height options for you to choose the level of privacy you need, including the 55-inch Standard, the 62-inch High, and the 72-inch Extra High.

The sleek hardware on the Eclipse Partition system is hidden, resulting in a designer look without any unsightly hinges interrupting from the smooth and solid appearance.

Why Eclipse Partitions

Eclipse Partitions provide a great degree of privacy, as well as strong structural integrity and a up-scale aesthetic. The custom designed metal framing system adds ease to installation, while hiding the hardware from the stalls’ exteriors. These customer designed partitions are also available in more than 27 different color options and textures, so finding a match with your bathroom’s design shouldn’t be too difficult. Custom designed partition hardware combined with HDPE plastic panels provides outstanding durability.

Hiney Hider Solid Plastic


With tough construction and rugged good looks, Hiny Hiders partitions offer durability that will save customers time, hassle and maintenance costs. Hiny Hiders partitions offer superior value that simply can’t be beat by the competition.

Style That Lasts & Lasts

  • Durable HDPE Material
  • Large Selection of Colors and Textures
  • Customizable Partitions and Engraveable
  • Fire Rating Options
  • Three ADA Compliant Configurations
  • 25-Year Warranty

Hiny Hiders Partitions provide customers the freedom to create unique, attractive interior spaces in floor mounted overhead-braced, ceiling hung or floor to ceiling configurations. The Hiny Hiders Partitions give you the ability to choose from an array of great looking hardware and privacy options. Whichever style you choose, rest assured it will match the toughness of our partitions and deliver years of worry-free service.

Introducing The Hiny Hiders
Signature Engraving Collection


Scranton Products introduces a signature door and side panel collection to our Hiny Hiders® Partitions. The same tough construction combined with 6 new door designs to enhance your traditional commercial restroom design.

Why Hiny Hiders Partitions

Whether you’re looking to renovate your bathroom, or you are designing a new building, Hiny Hiders Partitions are a great choice. Not only do they add a heavy dose of durability to the table, but they’re also available in a wide variety of colors and textures and three configurations that are compliant with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). Furthermore, they’re backed by a 25-year warranty, so you’ll be covered if you need to replace them.

With tough construction and rugged good looks, Hiny Hider partitions offer durability that will save customers time, hassle and maintenance costs. Hiny Hiders partitions offer superior value that simply can’t be beat by the competition.


Once you have looked through the catalogs and decided what partitions you would like to order, please click on the button to the right to print off the worksheet.  Fill it out and fax or email it back to us and we will get a price quote for you.


This classic color combination makes your restroom sophisticated, chic, and timeless.

White - Texture: OP
Paisley - Texture: OP
Grey - Texture: OP
Glacier Grey - Texture: OP
Charcoal Grey - Texture: OP
Shale - Texture: OP
Black - Texture: OP
Black - Texture: EX

To create a space that is inviting and blends in with delicate décor choosing a subtle tone will allow you to create a warm welcoming space.

Sandcastle - Texture: OP
Concrete - Texture: OP
Sandstone - Texture: OP
Mahogany - Texture: OP
Mocha - Texture: OP
Linen - Texture: OP
Desert Beige - Texture: EX

The metallic color combinations will add a touch of sparkle and sheen giving your restroom an upscale feel.

Stainless - Texture: H RB EX
Nickel - Texture: H
Stainless - Texture: RB
Nickel - Texture: RB
Stainless - Texture: EX
Bronze - Texture: H
Bronze - Texture: RB

A pop of color goes a long way. If you are looking for your partitions or locker to stand out, select a bold color like blueberry or red.

Burgundy - Texture: OP
Blueberry - Texture: OP
French Blue - Texture: OP
Hunter Green - Texture: OP
Fossil - Texture: OP
OP -Orange Peel
RB - Rotary Brushed
H - Hammered