Hadrian Lockers

Powder Coated Lockers

Emperor Corridor Lockers

Clean Lines, Durabilty, and Quiet Operation Make Them Ideal for Any Facilty

Durable Powder Coated Finish

  • Powder coating outperforms other paint processes by applying a hard, even and run-free finish.
  • Powder coating is standard on all Hadrian lockers—without an upcharge.
  • Doors and frames may be two-toned at no extra charge.

Rigid Door Construction

  • Doors feature a full 1” (25 mm) thick double pan welded box design for improved rigidity and durability.
  • 1” (25 mm) thick cell honeycomb is bonded to the inner surface of doors for added impact resistance and silence when closing.

Quiet Operation

The rigid double pan door design and honeycomb core (spanning the complete width and height of the door) make Hadrian lockers the quietest available.

Full-Length Continuous “Piano” Hinge

This standard Hadrian feature outperforms knuckle hinge designs by adding durability and keeping the door perfectly adjusted.

Single Point Latching With No Moving Parts

  • With no moving parts to replace, Hadrian’s single point latching system is a “maintenance dream”. There are no slide bars, springs, or latch hooks needed, so doors remain properly adjusted and trouble-free.
  • Friction catch is standard. Positive latch is also available (with upcharge).

Unobstructed Ventilation

  • Louvers in the frame allow for constant, unobstructed air flow that cannot be blocked.
  • Perforations in the shelves increase air circulation.

Easy To Install

  • Hadrian’s unique 2.5” (64 mm) deep frame allows installers more room to work.
  • Identically formed and rigid 22-gauge locker tops, hat shelves and bottom shelves are fully interchangeable.
  • Your choice of rivets or nuts and screws for assembly.
  • Use of rivets for assembly drastically decreases installation time.
  • Rivets offer extra strength and a tamper-proof fastening solution.

Gladiator Athletic Lockers

With Superior Strength, Airflow and Quietness, Gladiators Redefine Locker Room Attractiveness


Rigid Door Construction

Doors feature a full 1” (25 mm) thick double pan box design (16-gauge outer / 18-gauge inner) for outstanding  rigidity and durability.

Maximum Ventilation

Fully ventilated doors and sides with 0.5” x 1” (13 mm x 25 mm) oval perforations allow for maximum air circulation as well as visual access.

Quietest Athletic Locker Available

Hadrian’s rigid double pan construction provides the quietest possible door closing for athletic lockers.

Quietest Athletic Locker Available

Hadrian’s rigid double pan construction provides the quietest possible door closing for athletic lockers.

Heavy-Duty 16-Gauge Continuous Piano Hinge

  • This durable continuous hinge is a standard feature on all Gladiator lockers.
  • Outperforms knuckle hinge designs by resisting abuse and keeping the door in an adjusted position.


Exposed ends are available as solid or perforated.

Durable Powder Coated Finish

Gladiators have the same durable, thick and even powder coated finish as Emperor lockers with the same wide array of cutting edge colors.

Replacement Front Lockers

Make an Old Locker Better than New

Economical Alternative

Hadrian’s replacement front lockers are an economical alternative to a complete locker tear-out and new locker installation.

Easy Installation

To install, simply remove the existing door and fasten Hadrian’s replacement front to the existing frame with self-drilling screws.

Versatile Solution

Hadrian’s replacement front “re-faces” most other brands of lockers while offering the full impact resistance and silent operation of Hadrian’s locker door design.


Specialty Lockers

ADA Lockers

Hadrian lockers can be configured to conform to ADA requirements for accessibility. The pre-drilled hole locations in Hadrian lockers allow shelves to be installed at heights that fall within ADA guidelines (the addition of locker bases will affect the height of shelves). Additionally, Hadrian’s standard friction catch and positive latch options allow doors to be operated with one hand and without the need for grasping, pinching or twisting of the wrist.

Specialty Lockers

Galvanneal Lockers

Utilizing high-end galvanneal material in conjunction with Hadrian’s state-of-the-art powder coating process results in a metal locker that can better withstand moist conditions. The powder coating covers every area of the locker, inside and out, to help maximize the rust resistant qualities of the galvanneal.

Speciality Lockers

Divided Lockers

Used extensively by police departments, these multi-purpose lockers are also used wherever soiled and clean clothes must share one unit and effective ventilation is a necessity. Typical applications are for the meat packing industry, foundries, restaurants and hotels. Special optional features include a drawer with full extension slide (key lock optional), a belt hook, a stainless steel mirror and a night stick receptacle.

Specialty Lockers

Open Front

Featuring heavy-duty 16-gauge frames and perforated sides, Open Fronts are the ultimate locker for team sporting facilities!

Great for college, professional, club, or Olympic sports venues, Open Fronts are available with many optional upgrades, including: boot locker storage, an upper valuables compartment, extra hooks, and a bench.

Specialty Lockers

Custom Applications

The versatility of Hadrian lockers allows for creativity in locker room design. They can be installed in tandem with other material, such as wood paneling, to achieve an upscale and cost effective installation. Because Hadrian’s metal lockers hold fasteners and hinges better than wood, combining them with mill worked sides, tops and bottoms communicates sophistication while offering a more durable installation than fully mill worked lockers. Through the connections and resources of Hadrian’s worldwide, full service distribution channel, creative projects can be brought to life!


Specialty Lockers


Toilet Partitions & Lockers

The privacy of washroom and locker room environments make them ideal targets for graffiti. Protect your investment and keep problem areas pristine with Hadrian’s anti-graffiti toilet partitions and lockers.

Eliminate Graffiti

Hadrian’s anti-graffiti toilet partitions and lockers allow the use of commercial graffiti removers to completely eliminate graffiti without causing damage to the finish. The powder coating retains its original brilliance and no ghost of the graffiti is left behind!

Powder Coated Tough

Hadrian’s graffiti solution is not an after-coating that can wear off over time. The graffiti resistant properties are built right in to the durable powder coated finish, ensuring easy maintenance and long lasting effectiveness.

Environmentally Friendly

Hadrian is proud of the fact that its powder coating system is environmentally friendly. There is virtually no waste, energy consumption is low, and there are no solvent emissions.

Entry Level Cost

Fits Every Budget
Meets the same ASTM requirements as products 3X the price

Proven ASTM D6578 Graffiti Resistance

Easily remove:
  • Permanent Marker
  • Lipstick
  • Water Based Ink Marker
  • Wax Crayon
  • Spray Paint


Hadrian’s anti-graffiti toilet partitions and lockers are available in four popular neutral colors that complement any décor:

  • 826 Kilim Beige
  • 827 Dover White
  • 828 Dovetail
  • 829 Desert
Although Hadrian’s anti-graffiti powder coating has been proven to perform exceptionally well, Hadrian cannot guarantee complete removal in all situations due to varying environmental and application conditions. For best results, Hadrian’s maintenance procedure should be followed regularly and graffiti should be attended to as soon as possible after application.
Yellow #50

Proven ASTM D6678 Graffiti Resistance to easily remove:

• Permanet Marker           • Lipstick          • Water Based Ink Marker          • Wax Crayon          • Spray Paint


For custom colors, a minimum of 100 units for lockers is required per color. Custom colors are subject to upcharge.

Colors shown are approximations only.  For accurate color matches, refer to Hadrian’s printed color card. Hadrian reserves the right to change colors and/or finishes without prior notice.

Accessories & Upgrades

Optional Heavy-Duty Door

The long lasting durability of Emperor lockers can be further increased with an optional 16-gauge outer pan in the door.

Individual Galvanneal Box Bases

Adding extra strength and height to lockers, the versatility of box bases makes them ideal for installations of any size. Bases are 3.5” (89 mm) high and recessed 1.75” (44 mm) from the locker front to allow for toe space and protection against damage from cleaning. To help withstand damp floor conditions, the base is made from galvanneal steel (at no extra change).

Continuous Z-Bases

Hadrian’s continuous Z-base is a heavy-duty locker support option. The durable 14-gauge base is anchored directly to the floor and elevates the lockers to 4” (102 mm) off the ground. Z-bases are available in lengths of 60” (1524 mm).

Sloping Tops

In addition to presenting a clean, finished appearance, the angle of the sloping top prevents the accumulation of dust and discourages users from stacking unsightly clutter above the locker.

Heavy-duty 16-gauge slope tops are available (standard slope tops are 20-gauge).

Recess Top & Side Trim

For recessed applications this 3” (76 mm) high trim, for side and top gaps, installs easily. The flat surface of the trim blends with the locker frames for a continuous appearance.

Expansion Trim

For installations where a gap exists at the end of lockers in a corner, expansion trim can be used to enclose the gap. Powder coated to match the frame color, the expansion trim and  starter trim are attached to the locker side and wall and slide together to present a clean, uniform appearance.

Filler Panel

Hadrian’s U-shaped filler panels can be installed to cover gaps that exist between two banks of lockers or to cover pipes or other unsightly building elements. The fasteners for the filler panel are installed from inside the lockers, maintaining a clean exterior with no exposed fasteners.

Plenum Panels

Plenum panels are a great trim solution for between walls situations with a large distance between the bulkhead and locker tops. The plenum panels fit securely into U-channels that are fastened to the bulkhead and top of the lockers.
The plenum panels sit flush with the locker face (height to suit condition).

Flat Top Corner Filler

Where lockers meet in a corner and slope top is not used, Hadrian’s 24” (610 mm) x 24” (610 mm) flat top corner filler can be cut to suit and installed to cover the gap in the corner and prevent litter from being thrown between the lockers.

Dress Ends

Hadrian’s dress end panels can be added to locker sides in order to eliminate exposed fasteners and present a clean, uniform appearance. Dress ends can be painted to match the locker frame color and are easily installed with a locking strip.

Coat Rod & Brackets for Emperor Lockers

Hadrian’s Emperor coat rod assembly easily installs underneath the locker shelf. The unique bracket design eliminates sharp edges and complements the appearance of the locker hooks.


Emperor locker hooks are installed underneath shelves, while hooks for Gladiator lockers are fastened to the side of the locker. Optional double prong hooks are also available.


A secure valuables drawer with key lock is an available option for most units.

Diagonally Embossed Bottom Shelf (With Drain Hole)

For installations in moist areas, Hadrian’s diagonally embossed bottom shelf with a drain hole allows moisture  to escape from the locker. Subsequent damage caused by wetness is minimized.

Number Plates

Hadrian’s standard number plate is made of a durable black plastic. Aluminum number plates are available as an optional upcharge item (not available for locker express program orders).

Power Vented Lockers

For installations exposed to high levels of dust or other irritants, Hadrian lockers can be specially prepared for power venting, which allows a mechanical system (provided by others) to ventilate the lockers. These lockers feature enlarged ventilation holes in the top of the locker and the top louvers in the frame are closed in order to facilitate the system.

Fire/Waste Feature

Hadrian offers a solution to house a fire extinguisher and/or a waste receptacle as part of a bank of lockers. This feature is available for 72” (1829 mm) or 60” (1524 mm) lockers in single and double tier only.

Locking Options


  1. Standard Dudley Padlock
    • Non-keyable
    • One combination
  2. Master 1525 Key Controlled Padlock
    • Supervisory key control
    • One combination
  3. Any brand padlock with a 5/16” (7.9mm) or thinner shackle

Key Locks

  1. Master 1710 Deadbolt Cylinder Lock
    • Manual deadbolt
    • Key can be removed in lock position only
    • Keyed alike (option)
    • Group keyed (option)
  2. Master 1710mkada Deadbolt Cylinder Lock
    • ADA compliant key lock
    • Manual deadbolt
  3. Master 1714mkada Springbolt Cylinder Lock
    • ADA compliant key lock
    • Springbolt automatic locking

Bult-In Combination Locks

  1. Master 1670 Built-In Combination Lock
    • Manual locking deadbolt
    • Master key control
    • Five combinations
  2. Master 1652 Built-In Combination Lock
    • Extra long locking bolt
    • Springbolt automatic locking
  3. Master 1676mkada Built-In Combination Lock
    • Combination lock with ADA compliant key
    • Manual deadbolt

Locking Options

Electronic Locks

Digilock electronic lock model ATS-619-01-01 is compatible with Hadrian lockers prepared for built-in combination locks. No other special preparation is required.
Electronic locks must be quoted and ordered directly from Digilock: www.digilock.com

Coin Operated Locks

Safe-o-mat coin return and coin collect lock systems must be ordered from Hafele America Co. or Hafele Canada (hafele.com). Coin collect system is not suitable for 6 tier lockers.

Latch Systems

Friction Catch (Most Popular)

Friction catch is Hadrian’s standard latch system. With no moving parts, the friction catch system ensures that doors always remain properly adjusted and trouble-free. The locker can be secured with a padlock.

Bult-In Combination

Hadrian’s built-in combination latch system integrates a combination lock into the recessed door handle, promoting a secure and clean looking latch area. Several different combination locks will work with Hadrian’s system.

Positive Latch

Hadrian’s positive latch system ensures that the locker door latches securely when closed. The positive latch hasp is located within a recessed, extruded aluminum lock pocket for a clean, uncluttered appearance and the locker can be secured with a padlock. Positive latch is not available for 72” (1839 mm) high six tier or 60” (1524 mm) high five tier lockers, Gladiator lockers, divided lockers, or replacement fronts.