Modern Flames LFV2-40/15-SH


Additional Information

Standard Features

Standard Media

                               Coal Bed                                                                                                        Coal Bed




Standard Features

                     Touch Screen Controls                                                                              Wireless Remote


Upgrade Media

    Hand Painted Glowing Driftwood LogSet                                               Glass Chunk & Glacier Glass Accent Kit






Installation Manual | PDF | Download

Landscape FullView Brochure | PDF | Download

Coal Installation Manual | PDF | Download

Log Installation Manual | PDF | Download

RGB Installation Manual | PDF | Download

MFR2 Remotes | PDF | Download

The Landscape FullView 2 Series built-in electric fireplace is the first of its kind creating a perfect substitute for a linear gas fireplace. This unique frameless design allows for edge to edge flame presentation as well as unlimited surround capabilities. Available in 5 different lengths for any application as well as 2 customizable flame bed options for different fit and finishes. An optional 2 stage heater is also included for supplemental heat up to 450 square feet.

  • Realistic natural flame appearance
  • Glowing Coal Ember Bed
  • 5,000 BTU Heater
  • Full Flame Viewing Area
  • Fully finished, clean face installation
  • Affordable alternative to gas fireplaces
  • Can be installed beneath a TV
  • Cool to the touch with heat on or off
  • Remote Control
  • Wall Tether Touch Screen Control
  • Orange to Blue Color Changing Flames
  • New 6 button simple remote
  • New commercial grade motor for 24/7 use
  • Glass Chunk and Glacier Glass media upgrade (RGB Lights not included)