Metpar Floor Mounted


Floor Mounted

The floor mounted toilet partition style is ideal for restrooms with concrete floors. It provides a consistent flush appearance across the top with pilasters, doors and panels all at the same height for a modern accent. Design and construction ensures easy installation. This style is available in ALL materials!

Uses & Considerations

Construction Features

  • 70″ pilasters with a flush appearance across the top of the door and pilasters.
  • Require 3/8″ to 5/8″ bolts in the floor to provide stability.
  • Beautiful plinths (shoes) mounted at the connection of the pilaster and floor.

Benefits & Recomendations

  • Appropriate for areas with low-ceilinged bathrooms.
  • Aesthetically pleasing and simple design.
  • We recommend that this type of partition be installed on concrete floors with at least a 2″ penetration into the floor.


  • Not recommended for stalls that are 31″ or smaller in width since larger pilasters are required at the end of larger panels.
  • Not recommended for high traffic or vandalized locations.