General Partitions Toilet Partitions Series

Series 40: Floor Supported – Headrail

Our most popular style of toilet compartment construction is 40 Series floor supported with headrail. It is recommended for new and old buildings where economy, ease of installation, and rigid overhead bracing are required.

Series 30: Floor Supported

Where no overhead bracing is required, but ceiling hung partitions are impractical. General Partitions’ 30 Series Floor Supported is ideal. Modern spaciousness and rigidity are key features. The 30 Series is also featured in a 54″ “Junior Size” which has proved to be a great help with younger children.  30 Series requires concrete slab floor

Series 50: Ceiling Supported

The ease of floor maintenance when General Partitions’ 50 Series Ceiling Supported style is used has influenced architects and building owners. Ceiling hung works particularly well on construction where dropped ceiling or open span type construction is practical.

Series 60: Floor to Ceiling

General Partitions’ Floor to Ceiling Series is recommended for all areas subject to heavy usage. For problem areas, we recommend the use of full length aluminum brackets and hinges.

Eastern Style

When increased privacy is required “Eastern style” is an option that can be incorporated into any of our above partition series and materials. Panels and doors are specified as 67″ high and mounted 3- 1/2″ off of the floor.

Eastern Max Style

Eastern Max Style can be incorporated into any series and material of partitions when maximum privacy is required. Panels and doors are specified as 72″ high and mounted 3-1/2″ off of the floor. Continuous brackets and no-sight door options to minimize any sight gaps are available as add-ons to either Eastern Style.