Centurion Security Screens


Committed To Quality, Technology and Dependability

Centurion Security Screens has been producing the highest quality security screens available since 2003.  Centurion is one of the largest providers in the world having manufactured and installed tens of thousands of security screens across North America.  Our Security Screens can be found in:

  • Hospitals & Medical Facilities
  • Housing Authority Developments
  • High Schools, Colleges & Universities
  • Fire and Police Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Golf Course Communities
  • Homes both Large and Small

Trust and Confidence

Trust in our products and confidence in our service is the primary reason for our growth. We have been committed to utilizing the most advanced technologies in manufacturing and finishing. The core of our company is based on providing our customers with superior products that meet or exceed our customers’ specifications.

Continual Refining

At Centurion, don’t believe in resting on our laurels and we are continually refining our products to meet the ever changing needs of our customers. Centurion is rapidly expanding into new markets and is committed to not only retaining our position as a leading manufacturer of Security Screens and Security Screen Doors, but expanding on it.

Our corporate culture is based on integrity, respect, teamwork, accountability, continuous improvement and problem solving. In short, we want to be the company you want to do business with today and into the future. No matter how large or small you Security Screen project is, Centurion is here for you.

Made in America

Every single Security Screen that is sold and distributed by Centurion is made with handcrafted care in our Cleveland, Ohio facility. Centurion Security Screens is a proud affiliate of the Anchor Manufacturing Group of Companies, a family owned business and leading American Automotive supplier since 1970.

Residential Security Screens

Patio Enclosures

  • High strength security screen mesh for safety and durability
  • Protect your patio and provide security for your home

Security Screen Doors

  • Hinged Security Screen Doors
  • Sliding Security Screen Doors
  • French Security Screen Doors

Security Screens for Windows

  • Operable Security Screens
  • Fixed Security Screens
  • Inserts Security Screens


Why does it look like my window is fogged up inside?

Insulated glass sometimes known as double glazing or double-panel consists of two or three glass panes (triple-panel) separated by a sealed gas filled vacuum to reduce heat transfer. When the seal on the glass breaks condensation gets inside the window looking like fog or mist. The seal can break for many reasons, but is mainly due to the age of the window and how it was manufactured. We can replace the insulated unit for you or look at options for replacing the entire window.

Will new windows lower my energy bill?

Drafty windows cause your energy bills to be about 10% to 25% higher, according to Energy.gov. Replacing your windows with our energy-efficient ones can reduce your heating and cooling bills!

Can you fix my screen?

We can fix and repair all types of screens, from window to patio sliding screen doors. If the screen is damaged beyond repair we can custom make a new screen or sliding screen door to fit in your existing opening. With many options in screen cloth as well as frame we are sure we can get your screens back on their feet!

Do you have this part?

The Blaine Project & Design center specializes in replacement window parts. From 1900 to present we can find the part that you need.  If you need a window part, bring it in!  Our world-00renowned research department will research and identify the part for you.  Once it has been identified, we can get it for you!