Bradley Health Product Declaration

Health Product Declaration

Designers, specifiers, and owners are increasingly seeking transparent information on the ingredients in building products and their associated health hazards. A health product declaration (HPD) is a product transparency reporting tool that identifies the materials or ingredients in a building product and the associated health effects. A key aspect of an HPD is the inventory of all content in the final product form and the associated health hazards.

Developed by the HPD Collaborative, an HPD provides a standardized way of reporting the material contents of building products and the health effects associated with these materials. The HPD Collaborative is a collaboration of organizations, corporations, and companies intent on changing the impact that manufacturing and construction have on our environment and health.

Bradley continues its commitment to sustainability and providing industry leading innovation by introducing its first HPD for Lenox Plastic Lockers. This HPD is also one of the first to be voluntarily third party verified. It was recently certified by NSF International .