Arkè Staircase Kit

Zooom Plus Electric Scissor Loft Ladder

Fontanot Zooom Plus is an electric scissor loft ladder manufactured entirely in aluminum with treads and levers in die-cast aluminium. The equipped remote control opens and closes the stair. In case of a power shortage, the stair can be operated manually.
3/64 inches thick sheet-steel hatch frame, the panel made out of high grade 35/64” premium poplar plywood panel certificated for very low emission of formaldehyde (Class E1 UNI EN 13986: 2005) and entirely covered with a high performing isolation material.
The Zooom Plus is installed with insole thickness for 7 3/32 to 11 1/32 inches.

It is a “Made in Italy” product manufactured with the utmost attention to detail;

Features & Benefits

  • 3/64 inch – thick sheet-steel hatch frame
  • polyester embossed white powder oven painted
  • 35/64 inch – thick first choice poplar plywood panel, with very low formaldehyde emissions (Class E1 certified to Standard UNI EN 13986:2005)
  • panel entirely covered with a high performing isolation material
  • black carpeted tread
  • emergency manual unstowing device in case of power shortages
Zooom Plus
Zooom Plus
Zooom Plus
Zooom Plus
Zooom Plus
Zooom Plus
Zooom Plus
Zooom Plus