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The ENDURO model is available in 3 diameters – 47, 55 and 63 inches.

The ENDURO STEEL is manufactured with 12 gauge steel. It has a HOT-DIPPED GALVANIZED FINISH and is ready for installation. All hardware is stainless steel.

The standard ENDURO STEEL staircase kit is adjustable in height from a range of 99 3/16” to 120 1/16” and with additional components, can be adjusted to a minimum of 82 11/16” or a maximum height of 148 1/16”. The standard kit with 13 treads including a universal landing installs with a 360° turn. By adding or subtracting treads the rotation will change by approx. 30° per tread.

The ENDURO STEEL stair treads are ventilated to provide a slip-resistant surface even when wet. The handrail is black extruded PVC.

To allow for proper installation and full clearance, the finished opening for the installation of the spiral staircase of your diameter choice MUST be at least 2 INCHES GREATER than the diameter of the staircase kit. It can be installed in a square or mezzanine opening.

To complete your project a Balcony Rail Kit available.  The Balcony Rail Kit comes complete with 10 balusters (length 39.37”), handrail, and all the necessary hardware to complete a 47” (width) installation.  The Balcony Rail Kit is available in the same colors as the ENDURO staircase kit. 

Safety Bars are available in a set of 12 to close off the back of the treads (this way a 4” sphere will not pass through).

The 63” spiral stair has been designed to meet IRC requirements.

Each ENDURO staircase kit is shipped complete with detailed assembly instructions to assist in your installation. The stair has a 1-year warranty for manufacturing defects.