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Global Lockers

Metal Lockers - Available with the added strength and integrity of all-welded construction.

Plastic Lockers - Ideal for high-humidity applications. Will never rust, rot, corrode or fade.

Phenolic Lockers - Material of choice when a high degree of design flexibility is desired or where durability and strength are required.

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Solid Plastic HDP Lockers

General Partitions’ solid plastic locker is constructed of a one-piece HDPE body with no mechanical fasteners or hardware.

The locker frame is attached using full length dado joints secured by continuous plastic welds. The continuous spring-loaded latch mechanism provides a vertical lift that is designed to accept a padlock. The latch mechanism is attached to the length of the door, providing a continuous, secure latch.

Our Door Hinge is also continuous and contains no metallic knuckles or pins.

Solid Plastic benches with pedestals are available to match
the lockers.


  • Solidly Constructed High Density Polymer
  • Perfect for High Moisture Areas
  • Will not Rust, Rot, Dent or Corrode
  • 20 Year Warranty


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Hadrian Lockers

Emperor Corridor Lockers:

Clean lines, durability, and quiet operation make them ideal for any facility.

Whisper Quiet

The rigid construction and honeycomb silence zones in Emperor lockers make them the quietest lockers available. Busy corridors are loud enough without your lockers contributing to the noise!

Unique Design

The intelligent and unobtrusive frame venting design of Emperor lockers allows for a clean, attractive door surface that is unblemished by vents, which are common in other designs.

Maintenance Free

With a full length continuous hinge that always stays properly adjusted and a trouble-free single-point latch system, Emperor lockers are a maintenance dream.

Gladiator Athletic  Lockers:

Superior strength, airflow and quietness Gladiators redefine locker room attractiveness.

Highly Durable

Heavy-duty components integrated with Hadrian’s trouble-free and rugged design create an athletic locker that will withstand the rigorous demands of sporting facilities.

Maximum Ventilation

With fully ventilated doors and sides, Gladiator athletic lockers allow for increased airflow—an absolute must for serious sporting environments.

Quietest Athletic Locker Available

The rigid construction and honeycomb silence zones in Gladiator lockers make them the quietest athletic lockers available.

Replacement Front Lockers:

Make an old locker better than new.

Economical Alternative

Hadrian’s replacement front lockers are an economical alternative to a complete locker tear-out and new locker installation.

Easy Installation

To install, simply remove the existing door and fasten Hadrian’s replacement front to the existing frame with self-drilling screws.

Versatile Solution

Hadrian’s replacement front “re-faces” most other brands of lockers while offering the full impact resistance and silent operation of Hadrian’s locker door design.

Specialty Lockers:

The versatility allows for creativity in locker room design.

Specialty Lockers

Hadrian offers a range of specialty lockers to meet unique installation requirements and achieve creative storage solutions.
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Scranton Lockers

Tufftec Lockers – where solid plastic construction meets good looks. We’ve combined the two to provide the perfect synergy of form and function. Engineered for strength and durability, HDPE withstands the harshest daily use and is low maintenance. Formulated from a homogenous color-throughout compound, Tufftec Plastic Lockers are the most durable, cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing products in the industry.

Duralife Lockers – the only HDPE plastic school locker that is fully fire rated for your corridor application. Specially designed to meet the demands of the school environment, Duralife are built to withstand the harshest daily use.